Spreading the word. Let's get out there and jiggle!

If you're a regular client you'll have heard me banging on about Boudoir's exciting tie-up with Active Devon to get us all doing a little bit more exercise. If you're not aware of the detail check out this Press Release that I have submitted to the Herald Express.......and come and join us

Active Devon recently approached Louise Ward of The Boudoir Hairdressing in Babbacombe to help start a sustainable fitness club for the local community. The natural place to start was by bringing Louise's clients on board.

Louise Ward has run a hair and beauty salon in Torquay for over 20 years, during which time she has juggled business, and raising 6 children!

Exercise has always been an integral part of Louise's busy lifestyle, allowing her to remain focussed and positive. When Active Devon approached her to set up a fitness group she jumped at the chance, commenting " we are a really friendly salon with a great vibe and clients of every age group. They enjoy being part of something bigger than just a client and her stylist".

Louise is endlessly enthusiastic about the initiative; "when I chat to some of my clients I sense that they would love to exercise but feel that they aren't fit enough, or feel too embarrassed to be part of a group who are fitter than they are.. As a result we aim to run a fun relaxed and flexible class which encourages and motivates even the most reluctant women. We hope to play rounders in the summer and I'm sure the odd social event.... including dancing of course."

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